Thursday, 29 March 2012

Orange-tip in March

28 March 2012

Orange Tip Butterfly on Sweet Violet

A Small White Butterfly flew over Frampton Lane in Old Shoreham. On cue, a male Orange Tip Butterfly flew along the Waterworks Road and made a few visits to the
Sweet VIolets. Except, although half expected it was early, the first time I have seen this attractive butterflyin March. A few minutes later as I waited for the Orange Tip to
briefly settle from its endless wandering up and now the lane, I spotted my first Small Tortoiseshell of the year, with its wings closed (an then opening briefly), on a patch
of Ground Ivy. A Peacock Butterfly landed on the same Ground Ivy and the Small Tortoiseshell flew off.Then along came the most magnificent large Brimstone Butterfly I
had ever seen cruised by without stopping. A worn Comma Butterfly fluttered by and then landed on the road. My first Green-veined White Butterfly of the year courted
the Orange-tip and I could see it was twice the size of its erroneous partner. This was another first for March. There was no sign of any Garlic Mustard (larval food plant of
the Orange-tip). Common Bee-Flies, Bombylius major, were frequently seen.

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